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How to Determine What Version You Have

There are three components to Time Logger.  The Desktop (Laptop or Network or Workstation) component, the Palm component, and the HotSync Conduit which controls the transfer of data between the other two components.  If you do not use a Palm device, you may ignore the last two components.

Responsive Time Logger

From the Help menu, choose About Time Logger.  The version will be displayed in the About window.

Palm Interface

On your Palm, run Time Logger, and tap the Palm Options button and then tap "About..."

HotSync Conduit

Click on the HotSync Manager icon that appears in your tray (it's a round button with a red and blue arrow on it), and select "Custom..." from the menu that appears.  In the Custom dialog, select Time Logger and click the Change... button.  Finally, select the About tab.

Version Modification History  (Most recent versions at the top)

Responsive Time Logger

Version 4.04.04 -- Released 10/5/2008

When adding new descriptors they now immediately show up in the Stopwatch.

Corrected one of the dynamic fields that appear in the Word invoice template. NOTE: If you already have Time Logger installed and are using InvoiceTemplateWord.rtf as your Invoice Template, then you will need to fix this manually yourself. This is because the new installer does not overwrite that file to prevent the risk of destroying any of your customizations. Make sure that the following:

Total Hourly Fees


is changed to

Total Hourly Fees


TIP: delete the entire $%total_fee and retype it as $%time_fee, otherwise, your generated invoice might display "$%time_fee" instead of an actual $ value.

The installer you just ran is completely new and revised.

Automatically check for updates to the software either Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Increased the size of the Insert New Column window.

Revised the default template for the View->Summary window. NOTE: If you already have Time Logger installed and want to use this new format, download and run the latest installer and then follow these steps. 1) Rename your old C:\Program Files\Timelog\Template\SummaryTemplate.rtf to SummaryTemplate.old and then 2) rename SummaryTemplate2.rtf to SummaryTemplate.rtf. in order to use this new format. The folder C:\Program Files\Timelog is where Time Logger is installed by default. (The new installer does not overwrite that file to prevent the risk of destroying any of your customizations.)

Added 12 new Environments to use for reporting and invoicing.

Revised and Added many new sections in the help documentation.

Added menu option to check for updates on the web.

Version 4.04.03 -- Released 11/1/2007

Added the Tools/Global Options/Folders tab to allow access to the InvoiceDirectory property from the program.

Changed the number of default backups from 5 to 31.

When no time records match the current filter, or there are no time records in the database, a note is displayed to that effect.

Changed multiple error and information messages to clarify their meaning.

Fixed the problem where the row height on printed output from Advanced->Database Editor cut off the text.

Added the word processor path to be saved in Environments along with the type of word processor.

Fixed the problem where the system would hang when the time record list was empty and you tried File->Print Preview.

Revised the Help in many places.

Replaced the Help system to make it Vista compatible.

Added a confirmation to deleting descriptors that are linked on the Which Descriptor screen.

Fixed a defect with linked descriptors involving mixed case.

Version 4.04.02 -- Released 1/9/2007

There were Help buttons that didn't work that were repaired.

The maximum number of Environment Files that are displayed under the Tools menu was increased to 30.

Version 4.04.01 -- Released 11/27/2006

We are introducing a new Quick-Start Guided Tour. If you are new to Time Logger, or wish to review its extensive features, take this tour to quickly see a majority of Responsive Time Logger's rich features.

The size of most Responsive Time Logger windows has been enlarged to accommodate larger default screen sizes.

We have added "TIPS" to some of the windows to help users understand key features and more easily utilize the software.

We have added a new set of graphics for the company Responsive Software and our flagship product, Responsive Time Logger.

We have improved the readability of many windows by revising the titles, directions, labels, informational messages, etc.

Our contact information has been updated throughout the program.

Version 4.03.17 -- Released 1/31/2005

The copyright notice was updated.

Selecting "File/Print Report and Invoice" could reset to the filter to the automatic invoice filter for the current client. Fixed.

If you moved a column with the mouse and then immediately imported from a text file, the column layout reverted to the original layout. Fixed.

After stopping the stopwatch, Alt-R and other keyboard shortcuts were no longer available. Fixed.

In the small stopwatch, Alt-T did not work. Fixed.

Added "You can type a date here!" in the filter dialog combo box for dates.

Illegal new lines at the end of a standard format import file could cause problems when subsequently deleting records. Fixed.

The invoice date in the Quickbooks IIF file and Accounts Receivable could be wrong when invoicing multiple clients. Fixed.

The sample.mdb database was modified to use more recent dates.

The support email address mentioned in the about box was modified, since spammers had discovered the old address.

Dragging a column and then immediately deleting it could result in an unexpected layout. Fixed.

For some systems, 83 or more adjustments of the time using the clock could result in a crash. This was fixed by implementing a newer version of the third-party library for graphical date and time selection.

If the calobjx.ocx file was not installed, nothing happened when trying to adjust date or times graphically. An error message is now displayed recommending reinstallation.

New information was added to the diagnostics screen.

The readme.wri file was replaced with a readme.rtf file, since Microsoft apparently no longer supports the old format in wordpad.

Version 4.03.16 -- Released 5/25/2004

Negative amounts are now allowed in the invoice data dialog (in Accounts Receivable).

When importing A/R data, the name of the invoice file was not imported.  Fixed.

The "Number" edit control is now given focus when adding invoices or payments.

Printing routines were changed to make them easier on printer drivers.  Some printer drivers had bugs which caused them to occasionally insert new line characters.

The description column was widened in the InvoiceTemplateWithDetail template.

When printing from the Advanced/Database editor, the title was "Client Info." Fixed.


One error message was modified to direct the user to the MDAC page.

The OnIdle routine was changed to workaround a bug in the nView desktop manager which caused 100% CPU usage in some circumstances.

An informational message was added to discourage users from creating new databases for each new client.

An informational message was added which warns users if they have turned "Expand height of description" off, had the description on a separate line, and had set 1 line per record.

An informational message was added to inform the user about time reports if the user chooses to put details on the invoice itself.

Version 4.03.15 -- Released 2/10/2004

Added hourglass cursor during descriptor importing.

When importing from a text file, under some circumstances Time Logger ignored the specified delimiter (Tools/Options/Other) and assumed that fields were separated by tabs.  Fixed.  Note: To specify that fields are separated by tabs enter "\t" or "tab" into the delimiter box in this dialog.

Changed the message that appears in the demo when the user attempts to print a report.  The message makes it clear that Print Preview is available in the demo.

Apostrophes may no longer be entered in client names in the Client Data Dialog.

An informational warning is now given if the user posts an invoice without viewing or printing it first.  The warning makes it clear that posting alone does not create the invoice document.

Version 4.03.14 -- Released 11/6/03

Under some circumstances, if the stopwatch was paused, and the program was exited for more than one minute, then restarted without the stopwatch being restored, and the pause was ended from the toolbar, the pause duration was not taken into account.  Fixed.

When importing descriptors, if an error was encountered, the line number was sometimes reported incorrectly.  Fixed.

When importing A/R data, if an error was encountered, the line number was sometimes reported incorrectly.  Fixed.

If the stopwatch was visible and "Allow runtime changes..." was checked in the Tools/Global Options/General dialog, the editing buttons for rate and internal rate remained visible (although disabled) until the next time the application was restarted.  Fixed.

If the file name was specified on the Time Logger command line, the stopwatch was not automatically restored when restarting Time Logger.  Fixed.

The warning for the File/New operation, when overwriting an existing database, was made more emphatic.

For some newer versions of MDAC files, Time Logger reported that the MDAC file were possibly too old.  Fixed.

Version 4.03.13 -- Released 9/11/03

Under some circumstances, performing a Fast Synchronize Databases would fail to recognize that records modified by posting an invoice had indeed been modified.  Fixed. 

Version 4.03.12 -- Released 8/31/03

The mileage is now reset to zero on the stopwatch when Stop or Reset is selected.

The descriptor editing  ("+", "-" etc.), date edit, and time edit buttons were shifted down on Windows XP when certain fonts were used.  Fixed.

Changes made related to new ordering system (phone numbers removed, etc.)

Version 4.03.11 -- Released 9/5/02

Time Logger now allows users to generate an invoice even if there are no new time records for a given client.  Although we recommend that in this case, the user just reissue the old invoice, several customers have asked for this feature.

The Run Macro toolbar buttons did not work if the directory name had spaces in it.  Fixed.

Changed text of the message that occurs when an invoice cannot be created.

When importing duplicate clients to the client information dialog, the error message was cryptic.  Fixed.

Following imports to the client information dialog, some controls did not work properly until the dialog was closed and reopened.  Fixed.

In some situations, if "Retain Pause Information" was not selected, and Time Logger was shut down while a time record was paused, the start time could be incorrect.  Fixed.

Improved default client names when adding invoices or payments in the A/R dialog.

In some situations, the Edited field was set to TRUE even though the times had not been edited.  Fixed.

Added a new informational dialog for the filter dialog.

"#" characters are no longer allowed in descriptors, since they can cause errors when filtering in Time Logger and other applications.

Version 4.03.10

The  limit for the number of characters in a description (and internal description) was increased from 500 to 1000.

If an invoice with the same number already exists, Print Invoice now gives you the option to overwrite it or generate a new one.

When descriptors were recalled, the descriptors in the drop down combo boxes did not reflect the newly-selected descriptors (if linking had been used).  Fixed.

Information about repairing the database was added to the error message for an unrecognized database format.

If the user changed to a smaller screen resolution, the stopwatch dialog could be invisible (off the screen).  A check is now performed to avoid this.

An hourglass cursor is now displayed during an Open Delay (see database corruption).

The Billed checkbox could be checked in the stopwatch by pressing Alt-L even though it was invisible.  Fixed.

The following information was added to the diagnostics dialog: timelog.ini file name, SQL statement, OpenDelay time.

Version 4.03.09

Fixed a bug that had been introduced in version 4.03.08.  Namely, under some circumstances, deleting a descriptor resulted in an error message: "...descript.mdb could not be accessed."

Version 4.03.08

Increased the width of the client name combo box in the Accounts Receivable dialog to accommodate longer client names.

Export routines and some filters could fail if the date format was DD.MM.YYYY (e.g. 25.12.2002).  Fixed.

Help button on Toolbar customize dialog was not working correctly.  Fixed.

Added the ability to place buttons on the toolbar to execute Macro1.bas, Macro2.bas, Macro3.bas, respectively.  This gives advanced users easy access to frequently-used macros.  See readme for details.

Status line text was truncated for some menu options.  Fixed.

An error message ("Failed to update registry -- please use Regedit") appeared for some users with restricted access to the registry.  Fixed.

Export for merge was exporting the duration instead of the "true duration."   For example, if you worked three minutes, and had set a minimum duration of 15 minutes, information about the true duration (three minutes) was lost.  Note that this error did not cause any inaccuracies in reported durations.  Fixed.

Added an optional delay during database open operations to help reduce the chances for database corruption at sites with network problems.

Recoded delete operations to reduce number of database opens and closes.  This increased the speed of multiple record deletions by 90%, and should reduce the chances of database corruption.

Recoded importing operations to reduce number of database opens and closes.  This should reduce the chances of database corruption.

Improved record counting routines.

Added an information dialog for descriptor linking.

Added an information dialog to warn that changes to the ini files should only be made when Time Logger is not running.

The error message which appeared when an invoice template was not found was misleading.  Fixed.

Installation routines were modified to use side-by-side installation of True DB Grid and Calendar routines, reducing the chances that other app installations could affect Time Logger.

Version 4.03.07

Under some circumstances, "Start Copy of Selected Record" and "Start Memorized Record" did not properly update the Exported field of the time record.  This could cause the new record to not be exported in a Export/For Merging operation.  Fixed.

When records were automatically combined (see the F1 help for info on this), the Exported field was not always updated properly.  Fixed.

The copyright notice was updated to include 2002.

Version 4.03.06

Import to Standard Format and Export to Standard Format were not grayed out when a database was not open.  Fixed.

Under some circumstances an error was encountered when attempting to import from a standard file in which many records needed merge testing.  Fixed.

If the user chose to use a word processor to view summary information, and Time Logger was installed to a folder whose name included spaces, the summary info could not be viewed.  Fixed.

When importing and encountering identical records, Time Logger could sometimes ask the user to choose between the local and remote records even though they were identical.  Fixed.

The sample database was updated to use year 2001 dates instead of year 2000 dates.

Version 4.03.05

Typo in guided tour corrected ("note that may copy").

Hourglass cursor not displayed during A/R import.  Fixed.

Invoice number now saved as a global setting rather than a personal setting.

Hourglass cursor now displayed when close options or global options dialogs.

Version 4.03.04

In Accounts Receivable, if you chose to view a particular client's invoices and payments, you could get an error message.  Fixed.

Made small change in Standard Format exporting that could fix problems in multi-user environments.

Version 4.03.03

Fixed bug in which, for some periods of the day, Today's Hours only included stopwatch hours, and stopwatch records were not combined with records on the same day.

Version 4.03.02

Added %project invoice template field.

Added Import and Export of Time Logger Standard Format files (like import/export for merging, but user chooses which records to export).

Added advanced functions to directly edit global and individual settings files.

Added advanced function to reset SQL.

Added advanced function to clear deleted record lists.

Now uses four-digit year in Quicken QIF files.

Now automatically handles nulls in the descriptor database (earlier version crashed if nulls were encountered).

Now automatically corrects bad data in the descriptor database.

If you start the stopwatch and immediately pause, the duration can show as "????" for one minute.  Fixed.

If you imported a single client record when the database was empty, it couldn't be edited.  Fixed.

Added more instructional text in dialog that informs the user that there is no client information when viewing an invoice.

Fixed error which rarely caused invoice totals to appear as, for example, 399.100 instead of 400.00.

Added new time entry shortcut (1435 instead of 14:35).

Client names are now retained when adding multiple invoices or payments.

Responsive Time Logger/Palm Interface

Palm Interface Version 4.04.01 -- Released 11/27/2006

Now, the Sort Order allows you to select either Asc (Ascending) or Desc (Descending).

Much of the help information that you view by tapping the "i" has been revised to make the text more readable.

Our contact information has been updated throughout the program.

Palm Interface Version 4.03.10 -- Released 6/5/02

The character limit for descriptions was increased from 500 to 1000.

Negative expense amounts are now allowed.

If you didn't visit the More dialog when editing or adding a record, linked descriptors were not changed to reflect any selections you make.  Fixed.

Palm's new date format (e.g. 12-25-2002) is now handled.

Under some circumstances, you could get an time overlap error when entering two time records for two different users.  Fixed.

Palm Interface Version 4.03.05

Under some circumstances, could crash following purge (although no data lost).  Fixed.

Version 4.03.02 and 4.03.04 could not be used on Palm OS2.  This version can.

Copyright notice changed from 1998-2000 to 1998-2001.

Palm Interface Version 4.03.04

Under some circumstances, you could pause the stopwatch, then go to another application, and the stopwatch would keep running.  Fixed.

Palm Interface Version 4.03.02

Crashed if there was a large amount of text in both the description and the internal description (even though the latter cannot be edited on the Palm).  Fixed.

Responsive Time Logger Conduit

Conduit Version 4.04.02 -- Released 1/10/2007

The on-screen text for contacting Technical Support and the actions to take has been revised on several error messages.

Conduit Version 4.04.01 -- Released 11/27/2006

The on-screen text has been revised on several screens to make it more readable and clear.

Our contact information has been updated throughout the program.

Conduit Version 4.03.10 -- Released 6/5/2002

The character limit for descriptions was increased from 500 to 1000.

Conduit Version 4.03.06

In countries that use "," as the decimal separator, the rate field and other numerical fields could be converted to a value with a "." as the decimal character, therefore being interpreted incorrectly when synced back to the PC.  Fixed.

Conduit Version 4.03.05

When hotsyncing records from PC to Palm and then back to PC, the Billed checkbox setting was lost.

Carriage returns in descriptions entered on the PC included a funny character when viewed on the Palm.  Fixed.

Conduit Version 4.03.04

Improved locked record detection for descriptors.

Conduit Version 4.03.02

Crashed if there was a large amount of text in both the description and the internal description (even though the latter cannot be edited on the Palm).  Fixed.

If user chose to sync with a specific file, the conduit would still complain when a new file is edited.  Fixed.

Added overwrite warnings for when Desktop Overwrites Handheld or Handheld Overwrites Desktop are selected.

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