If you're wondering how you'll like Responsive Time Logger, take a look at what some of our users have been telling us. We're very proud of the reactions we get from our customers. We hope that we can add a quote from you soon!

"I just wanted to write to say that your software is worth its weight in gold. I keep track of every minute billed, when I am interrupted I hit pause and don't have to worry about keeping track of how long I am diverted from the project, my hours are added up automatically, and invoicing takes just a few minutes. Your software is outstanding, and I now live by my Palm Pilot because my life is so much easier this way.  Thank you!"

- C. Stacey, Consultant, Washington, DC.

"Just wanted to let you know that your Time Logger software is OUTSTANDING. I was looking for a solution that was flexible and reasonably priced--didn't even expect to find one that included a Palm version as well!  Thanks so much! This product paid for itself in its very first day. "

- Keith Luscher, Author, Media Consultant and Speaker, Columbus, OH

"We bought TimeLogger with 5 licenses for our small firm last summer and we love it. If you'd like to use us as a reference, please feel free."

- Ron Podraza, Attorney, LIttleton, CO

"Responsive Time Logger is a versatile, reliable and flexible program and would not hesitate to upgrade in the future. I have also been very impressed with the service from yourself when I've had technical problems, as few as they might have been, your response has always been prompt and helpful. I think in today's society we are losing this type of service, and it never hurts to let someone know when they are doing something right, aren't we all usually too quick to complain?"

- Irene Day, Bookkeeper, Stony Plain, Alberta

"I've been using Timelogger for more than three years now, and it remains one of the most useful software tools on my machine - even in it's earlier version. The new version adds power and functionality to an already superb programme. Congratulations on an excellent upgrade!"

- Douglas Morgan, Remuneration Consultant, Singapore

"FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for your quick response AND the example! You guys are great!

I have forwarded my recommendation to purchase Time Logger to this client and will, I'm sure, continue to promote it. I believe it is a superior product and your technical support is wonderful."

- Toni Conrad, Consultant, Hammonton, NJ

"Congratulations on producing exactly what I have been looking for - a straightforward, uncomplicated programme which is very flexible and configurable for activity based reporting needs."

- Kevin Ryan, Director, County Kerry, Ireland

"I have been using Time Logger for about five years and don't know how I could get along without it."

- Eddie Niebrugge, Ft Myers, FL


"Many thanks for your prompt response to my order. You should know that I have been scanning the shareware and freeware sites now for two months, have downloaded dozens of demos, and your program is the only one which does exactly what I want - and more !!!"

- Robyn Kay, Marketing Director, "The Sales Factory" Cambridge, New Zealand

"From some fellow developers, we give you two thumbs up on the product."

-- Brian Atkins, Consultant, The Stone Group, Maryville, TN

"Congratulations! Responsive Time Logger is great. It's very simple to use, full of features, and easy to configure and incorporate into a client's work style."

-- Phil Grant, Consultant, Philip Grant & Associates, Portland, ME

"It records and totals start and stop times to the minute, so I get paid for those extra few minutes each billing period (without appearing too compulsive) that I otherwise would round back to the nearest half hour. This alone has paid for the program many times over."

-- Steven W. Leiphart, Consultant, Leiphart Computing Services, Inc., Downingtown, PA

"First, let me congratulate you on a superb program in Time Logger. I downloaded the demo version of the program only three days ago, and can tell you that I'm very impressed so far. I work at the University of Kentucky in a division where we have to track our time very closely. Our time entry is very time consuming itself. I thought it was very nice when I accidentally came across your Pilot interface. I visited your web site thinking just maybe there was a conduit to put the info on my PC. Never did I imagine that the conduit and PC interface would be this powerful! "

- Paul Glenn, Network Operations, Kentucky

"I downloaded the Demo, it looks good. Wish I got your mail two days earlier since I just bought Time Slips. What's the pricing on RTL? It looks like it will be a hell of a lot easier to learn and use than Time Slips."

-- Ralph Wallace, Computer Consultant, Norcross, GA

"I have tried the software for a couple of weeks and was impressed with its potential to improve the time logging in my small Architectural Practice. I found the software easy to learn and I know that it has already increased my billings through its ability to keep track of those minutes that fall between the cracks in a typical workday."

Robert H. Dever, Architect, Lexington, KY

"I found out about Responsive Time Logger on your web site; I've been using the demo version for a little more than a week and I love it! Here's a purchase order from my company."

-- Peter M. Shirley, Consultant, The Problem Solving Company, Seattle, WA

"Great Software!! I downloaded version 2 yesterday and it performs excellently. A vast improvement over v 1.15 which was already much more competent than other similar packages I've tried. I especially appreciate the configurable export capability."

-- Andy Brickman, Materials Lab Manager, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

"...Thanks again for the speedy "customer-service" and a great product!"

-- Michael Weibezahl, Consultant, Owings Mills, MD

"I will let you know that your program is responsible for me and my partner making almost $500 a week more by allowing me to keep up with all the little hours here and there that get lost.

We have been writing these quarter hours down in a paper file and trying to enter them into the file when we have the chance (and tomorrow never comes). We are currently working as claims adjusters with 300 files that are all worked on almost daily. Your program has been a God Send. Thanks a lot."

-- Gary Freeman, Legal Consultant, Allen, TX

"I am extremely pleased with Time Logger. It provides an easy and unobtrusive way for us to record our time."

-- Leon Webster, Staff Systems Programmer, St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance, St. Paul, MN

"Every time I looked for something it was right where I would put it myself. The doc/help is easily accessible and has answered all my questions...Thanks for rescuing me from Timeslips."

-- Richard Kittell, Consultant, Business Technology, Colorado Springs, CO

"I faithfully document my daily billable activities since the software is so straightforward and easy to use...You've got a great product, and I've recommended it to both my business associates and customers."

-- Dave Murphy, Computer Instructor, Damar Group, Ltd., Columbia, MD

"RTL continues to be "just right" for my application. Nice job."

-- Gary Banko, Consultant, Phoenix, MD

"Really like your software. I've been looking for something just like this for some time and have bought and abandoned several. And I really appreciate the Time Pilot extension.  This is a mature, well-thought-out piece of software with considerable depth of functionality -- nearly every time I wish it would do something, I discover that it already does."

- Jon Phipps,   System Analyst, Vestal, NY

"Just wanted you to know: I've been using TL for about a month now, under Windows 95, and I think it's an excellent program. I use it every day, all day, and it's become invaluable."

-- W. Thomas Davey, Consultant, San Francisco, CA


"I am finding your product to be VERY useful. And in combination with the other Palm III software, I've become addicted to the little bugger. "

- David Katz, Senior VP Information Systems, Springdale, AR

"I've been using Time Logger since January and have been very pleased. The reports are excellent and really impress my clients."

-- Heyward Williams, Consultant, Maple Consulting Group, Derry NH

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