Welcome to the Responsive Time Logger Support Page! This page contains information of interest to you as a registered Time Logger user.  It contains links to resources where you can find the help you need.  

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Time Logger Help Documentation Online

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our new FAQs is packed with over 100 questions and answers. They are organized by topic to ensure your question and answer are easy to find.

Please click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions section of our Help.

Troubleshooting (Problems and Solutions)

If you cannot find your solution in the FAQs, also take a look at our Troubleshooting section of our help.

Please click here to view the Troubleshooting (Problems and Solutions) section of our Help.

Download the Latest Version

If you already own Version 5, click here to download the latest update at no cost for customers with a currently valid License Key.

Version 5, the latest major release was made on April 23, 2012.  We've released many updates since then, the most recent one was on May. 10, 2012


We have some great videos to help you get started with Time Logger.  Click here to go to the video page

The Time Logger Command Line

When setting up a shortcut to Time Logger, here's an example of a command line that will allow you to bypass the login dialog:

    "c:\Program Files\timelog\timelog" /User "Kelly North"

More on this may be found in the F1 help under "The Time Logger Command Line".

Network Installation

For help on installing Time Logger in a multi-user environment, click here.

If You Plan to Use Macros...

Time Logger has a very powerful Macro feature. To learn more, click here.

NOTE: Because of special new security constraints, you may have issues running the Macros on Windows Vista.

To cut down on the size of the install executable, the macro engine files are installed separately.  Click here to download a 1 Meg setup program that will install the necessary macro files. 

Responsive Knowledge Base (setuprkb.exe)

To download the setup program for our product Responsive Knowledge Base, please Click here. Please note that we plan to add enhancements to this product, however we do not currently have a release date. Also, please note that this does not include Knowledge Base information related to Time Logger.

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