Time Logger Users
have this to say about this time tracking system:

This was one of the best investments I have ever made. During the creative process it is very easy to lose track of time and forget who gets charged for what. I LOVE IT! ~ Chris Byerly, Graphic Designer

I'm a long-time user and BIG fan of Time Logger, have recommended it to many others! ~ Jonathan Bernstein, Public Relations

I have used this software for three years continuously. I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE. It works logically, is completely dependable. I have used a lot of software for many many years and I have to say that this is the BEST software.~ Maria Haugen, Architect

This is a useful tool that helps smart time management. it's ideal for the self-employed folks who bill multiple clients and/or by the hour. ~ Mary Murray, Social Services Consultant

I've used Responsive Timer Logger for a long time, and I'm very satisfied with it. I use it pretty much everyday. It's practical and reliable. I would definitely recommend it (and have many times). ~ Dan Harley, IT Consultant

I love Time Logger. My law partner, who is also my husband, was apprehensive. I waited until we were on an airplane for a 5 hour flight; then he had no choice but to learn the program. It took about 10 minutes and he was up and running. ~ Adrienne Wisenberg, Attorney

Simple to use; whether on the desktop, palm pilot, or via GoToMyPC.com ~ Mike Frazure, Consultant

ROI is most important to my business, as every minute spent translates to revenue impact. Time Logger lets me justify every meeting, call, conversation, research spent and logs it in chronological order. My accounts are complete! ~ Meriby Sweet, Management Consultant

Very easy to use software. Allows easy capture of time. Compared to paper records I would guess computerized time tracking increases revenue by 10 to 20 percent.~ Bob Merriman, IT Consultant

I'm pretty happy with the product. It works for the business I have and the clients I have in that I can send detailed reports to all. ~ Kathie Sullivan, Consultant

I am a Big Fan of Time Logger. The time and billing system is simply a great system. It is easy to use and the headings are easy to change to make fit as a claims adjuster, attorney or anyone that needs a time billing system. ~ Will Boquet, Supermarket Chain HR

I love the flexability, absolutely no learning curve -- it did exactly what we expecte AND WANTED it to do. ~ Gloria Ann Curwin, Accountant

Repsonsive Time Logger has allowed us to streamline our invoicing and time reporting on client projects. No more copying data from one place to another.~ Brad Smith, Marketing Consultant

Investing in Responsive Time Logger was one of the smartest choices I made when starting my consulting business. I have saved enormous amounts of time by using the software and have captured billable hours that would have slipped through the cracks otherwise. ~ Chris Stacey, Social Services Consulting

Timelogger allowed us to customize the information fields such that our billings to our clients are more detailed than ever before. This makes getting our invoices paid on time easier and allows us to back up our consulting fees with hard information about the project.~ Laura Wallace, Consultant

I find it very easy to use, and the content of the help is great and has gotten me through several questions. ~Cheryl Seitz, Accountant

I really like the software. It's inexpensive, but very functional. I recommend it often! ~ David Seligman, Financial Planner

The time savings for staff for billing of matters has been signficant. Technical support over the years has been excellent.~ Glen Purdy, Attorney

RTL is the best value for time-tracking software. I find the Palm interface to be especially useful.~ Gary Banko, Management Consultant

I am very satisfied with Time Logger, in fact I depend on it. When I send my invoices at the end of each month I just adjust the filter settings per customer and print a copy of the monthly totals and attach it with the invoice. ~ Per Selander, Graphic Designer

It is truely a fantastic product! ~ Rick Unland, Photographer

I am a self-employed accountant. It's hard to say how much time I save with Time Logger, but I know that my billing has increased. Before TL, it was very easy to forget a small task I did and then not bill for it. Once I got into the habit of recording on TL I saw an increase in my billable time. ~ James Mazanek, Accountant

Time Logger reduced the errors and improved our cash flow due to improved invoicing. ~ Stephen King, Information Technology


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