Here are some frequently asked questions about Time Logger along with their answers.  If you've come here to find the solution to a particular problem, use the Edit/Find command on your browser to search for text related to your problem.

Q. How can skip the dialog that asks for my name each time I start Time Logger?

A. You can specify it on the command line.  See the F1 help under "The Time Logger Command Line" or click here for a video.

Q. How do I modify the next invoice number?

A. Tools/Global Options/Other/Next Invoice Number.

Q. I want to include detailed information (such as descriptions) on my invoice -- how do I do that?

A. You can either have the details in the time report (see it by choosing File/Print Preview), or include details on the invoice itself.  For more on this latter choice, see Invoice Template Fields in the F1 help.

Q. I've linked a rate to a particular client, but when I select that client, the linked rate doesn't automatically appear in the rate box.

A. You probably have unlinked rates as well.  For a video on this, click here.

Q. I added some records but they are no longer there.

A. Check the following:

    Do you have a filter that excludes them?

    Are you working in a different database than the one to which the records were added?

    Were they HotSynced to a different database (click here for a video on this)?

    Has you database been corrupted (click here for more)?

Q. My data no longer gets synced to the PC.  In fact, the list of conduits no longer includes Time Logger?

A. Some misbehaved Palm install applications can cause this problem.  You should rerun the setuptimelogger.exe installation program, choosing the same directory as before, and selecting only the Palm Interface component.  If that doesn't solve it, you probably need to reinstall your Palm Desktop software. 

Q. I want to move Time Logger to a new computer -- what's the best way?

A. Copy the entire timelog directory tree to the new computer, then run setuptimelogger.exe on the new machine, selecting the directory to which you copied the files.

Q. I want to email time reports to clients -- how do I do that?

A. One clever technique for putting reports in a text file is to print to a file. First, create a generic/text only printer (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Printers/Add Printer - consult the Windows help if you need assistance with this). From Time Logger's Tools/Options/Printing dialog, select the "Optimize for Printing to a File" option.  

Next, when you print the report, select the generic/text only printer in the Print dialog and select "Print to a File". 

Q. How can I send an invoice via email.

A. Checkout the F1 help topic "Invoicing Via Email".

Q. Is it possible to change a descriptor heading.  For example, could I change the "Other" descriptor heading to "ID"?

A. Yes.  Choose Tools/Global Options/Terminology.

Q. Can I reset the stopwatch on the Palm?

A. Yes.  Choose Menu/Stopwatch/Reset.

Q. I bill in increments of 15 minutes.  Can Time Logger handle this?

A. Yes.  See the Tools/Global Options/General dialog.

Q. Sometimes my invoice seems to be off by a few cents?  What's going on?

A. See the F1 help for the topic "Rounding: The Necessary Evil".

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