Here are a few screen illustrations that will help you understand how Time Logger works.

This first shot shows Time Logger's main window. This window contains a list of the time records (records of what you did and when you did it). You can control exactly what is displayed in this list.

Time Logger Full Screen

At the heart of any time and billing system, of course, is a stopwatch. Here's what one of Time Logger's stopwatches looks like:

Time Logger Stopwatch

There are many different ways of setting the start and end times -- you choose the one that's most convenient for you.  For example, when you  click on the "Panel" button in the above dialog, Time Logger displays the Start Time/End Time Panel: 

time control panel

This dialog lets you drag the hands of the clock or click on the calendar to select start and end times.  Notice the little "hand" cursor adjusting the minute hand of the start time clock.  You'll be surprised at how easy and fun it is to adjust the time this way.

Here's a neat feature: you can control Time Logger's stopwatch even when the program is minimized! This final screen shot shows you the system menu that appears when you click on Time Logger's icon:

system menu

Note that commands for starting, pausing and stopping the stopwatch are right there on the system menu. You don't even have to restore the application to start or stop the stopwatch. The system menu also displays important information such as how long you've worked, and when you'll reach your daily goal.

Thanks for taking the time to view these screen shots. For much more detailed information, please download the working demo. You can then try Time Logger for yourself, and see how easy it is to use!

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