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Responsive Time Logger 4.0 is a well-integrated, thorough timekeeping package.

...The program is filled with the convenience of drop-down lists just about everywhere you possibly need to enter information, including clients, projects, activity and rate. Even more handy is the powerful ability to link descriptions to a person, client, project, subproject, activity or any other feature. This permits timekeeping with a few mouse clicks, furthering the generation of detailed invoices at a later date.

VERDICT: I really liked this product. It's well worth the price. The Palm interface alone makes this program complete. I recommend this product for the small office looking for an automated way to increase billings and hopefully collections.


This powerhouse will give you more control over billing, project management, and reporting than you can imagine.

A1 Yippee Software

Responsive Time Logger has an extremely easy-to-use interface which is helped by the automatic guided tour at startup. RTL has support for PalmOS which makes this an extremely versatile logger. It has a cornucopia of features such as SQL support, duplicate entry searches, and billing features. This is a well rounded application that will prove useful to anyone who works on a wage or bills by the hour.

Quality Software

Time Logger is an excellent way of keeping track of your time spent on different tasks and
projects. The interface is superb, features are in abundance, and it is one of the easiest programs to 'learn' to use that we have ever seen. No doubt about it; a five-star product. Five well earned Q's for this program.

The Naked PC

Responsive Time Logger (RTL) is simple but powerful. Think of it as a stopwatch with a database attached.

CPA Software News

Responsive Time Logger is a very easy-to-learn and easy-to-use application that provides ample reporting features and good data sharing capabilities, which could minimize software transfer time. The program would likely work best in small to mid-sized firms that bill for their time and expenses, and for whom the built-in mileage calculator/expense function would serve as a benefit.

Reviews of Earlier Versions

Windows Sources, Theresa Carey, Reviewer

It's easier to use than Timeslips's Timeslips, and its data files are stored in .DBF format [now stored in .mdb format], so they can be shared with a wide array of programs.

PCM Online, Lauren Willoughby, Reviewer

Responsive Time Logger 2, from Responsive Software, is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use time loggers/billing systems we've seen.

PC Magazine

Responsive Time Logger, Version 2.0, is a valuable tool for keeping track of your time.

Computer Shopper, Kathy Yakal, Reviewer

Time Logger 2.0 Tracks Time...and Saves Time.


PC Today, Shawn Mummert, Reviewer

For those professionals who want to use software to manage their time and billing records, Responsive Time Logger 2.0 is a fine choice.

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