Here's an example of how you might use it:

A user calls in and says that when she uses your application and tries to print, the screen flashes orange, and the application crashes with the message "Instruction at 0x780012f3 referenced memory at 0xaa000000". You work on the problem, and determine that the problem is solved if the user upgrades to the latest HP Printer Driver.

You then start RKB (click the Start button, and choose Programs/Responsive KnowledgeBase/Responsive KnowledgeBase), and click the Add button. The Problem/Solutiondialog appears and you type in both the reported problem and its solution:

Help Desk, Support Desk

One month later, another user calls in and says "Hey man, every time I want to produce a printout, the screen flashes orange, and your program crashes!"

You type "Orange" into RKB's Find box, press Enter, and the screen looks like this:

Support Desk, Help Desk

That is, RKB has located all of the problems which contain the text "Orange" (in this case there's only one). You look at the one at the top, it seems to match the new caller's description of the problem, so you double click on it. That will display the Problem/Solution dialog:

Support Desk

You read the solution to the caller, and you're done.

To recap, you use RKB to enter a large number of problems and their solutions. When users call with tech support questions or problems, RKB searches through the database and finds all of the relevant solutions.

Download the Demo Version

Click here to download the demo version of Responsive Knowledgebase.  Due to tight programming, the setup file is less than 500K in size.  The install program just puts a few files in the \program files\RKB folder and the app is easily uninstalled if it's not what you're looking for.

  • RKB costs only $49.  To order RKB on our secure server, click here.
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