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Quick-Start Guided Tour: Welcome Screen

Tour Contents

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2Terms: Learn some Time Logger Terms
3Main Window: Sorting; Show, Hide & Move Columns
4Filtering Time Records; Custom SQL; Appearance Options
5Help: Searching Help; Help Index; Website
6Getting Started: Open Database or Sample.mdb
7Adding Time Records: Stopwatch; Importing; Palm
8Expenses: Mileage; Fixed Fees; Duration Mode; Change Labels
9FREE Add-on: Palm Interface - Record Time and Hotsync
10The 10 Descriptors: Editing Descriptors
11Linking Descriptors & Quick Task Switching
12Invoicing: Template Files & Fields; Quickbooks & Quicken
13Accounts Receivable: Invoices, Payments & Retainers
14Multi-User: Discount Pricing; Key Options; Passwords
15Data Transfer & Backup: Synchronize; Import/Export; ODBC
16Reports & Settings: Save Environment; Options; Macros
17End of Tour
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