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Our Palm Products

Responsive Time Logger. Our flagship product, this Palm interface for our popular time and billing application, Responsive Time Logger lets you track your time or enter time data right on your Palm. 

Indelible Notepad. If someone gives you a very very important phone number or other irreplaceable information, do you enter it onto your Palm? No way. You write it on a piece of paper because you know how easily information on a computer or PDA can be deleted by mistake. Or lost. But with indelible notepad, once you enter it, it's there. It's almost impossible to delete it, and you can't lose it.

Responsive Metronome. Instead of going to a music store and spending $20 to $140 for a metronome, you can just download this application and install it on your Palm. Use it to practice pieces at the correct tempo, maintain the beat, or improve your sense of rhythm. You can choose to hear and/or see the beat. The tempo is displayed both numerically ("204 Beats/Min") and verbally ("Prestissimo").

TipCalc. Use this simple (and FREE!) application at your favorite restaurant to calculate the correct tip with the absolute minimum number of keystrokes. No big deal, but useful nonetheless. Just enter the amount of the check, and the suggested tip appears (as well as the total including the tip). You can select your preferred rate (e.g. 15%) from a list. If you want to get fancy, it has some additional features you'll like. Check it out.

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