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We would prefer that you order from our secure store since that makes it easier for us to maintain our customer database. However if you are in a country that requires that you pay the European Value Added Tax (VAT), it will be assessed when you purchase through RegSoft.

PLEASE RETURN TO THE RESPONSIVE SOFTWARE SECURE STORE unless you are required to pay the European VAT.

Single User Price

  • Responsive Time Logger, 1 User: Only $89 + VAT (click here to order)
  • Responsive Time/Palm Interface: Free with Purchase of Time Logger

The Palm Interface is available free for a limited time only.  Please note that the interface is the software that allows Time Logger to work with your Palm device.  The actual Palm PDA device is not included with Time Logger -- you must purchase that separately.

When you order, you'll receive a registration code that will instantly convert your demo version to the full-featured version.  You can continue working with data that you've entered in the demo version.

Site License Prices

Site license prices are based on the number of users running Time Logger. For example, if your company has five people entering their time record data into one central Responsive Time Logger database of time records (using the PC and/or Palm interface) you would need a five-user license.

IMPORTANT 1: When you place your order through RegSoft, they try to sell you two additional services: A) a copy of setuptimelogger.exe on CD-ROM for $9.99 and B) the "Extended Download Service" for $6.99. Each of these services are optional. Please be aware that you can download setuptimelogger.exe at any time from this website, and you can make as many backup copies of that file as you like.

IMPORTANT 2: If you already own Time Logger, and want to add more users, upgrade, or purchase additional copies, we really appreciate your business and have special prices for our existing customers. Please click here for directions on how to receive your special pricing as an existing customer.

Number of Users Cost Click to Buy through RegSoft  
1 User $89 + VAT Click here to order
2 Users $158 + VAT Click here to order
3 Users $237 + VAT Click here to order
Up to 5 Users $395 + VAT Click here to order
Up to 10 Users $740 + VAT Click here to order
Up to 15 Users $990 + VAT Click here to order
Up to 25 Users $1,499 + VAT Click here to order
Up to 50 Users $2,399 + VAT Click here to order
Up to 100 Users $2,999 + VAT Click here to order

Note that you can't add these different licenses together.  For example, if you have 8 users in your office, you cannot purchase a 5 user and a 3 user license.  Instead you would need to purchase a 10- user license.  If you have any questions about this, please send us an email.

Money-Back Guarantee!

Your order is risk-free.  All of our products come with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied with Time Logger, for any reason, just send it back within 30 days for a full and cheerful refund.  

What If I Already Own Time Logger?

If you have version 3 of Time Logger, or if you want to add additional users to your site license,  to send us an email describing what you want.  We will send you back a price quote along with instructions on how to place the order.

Electronic Delivery

Here's how electronic delivery works: Download the demo (if you haven't already done so) and try it out. If you like it, place your order and we will email you a registration code that will convert your demo to the full-featured version.  We do not send out CD's, but you can save the Time Logger setup app (the one that you download to install the demo), or redownload it at any time at no charge.

The extensive online manual (F1 help) has everything you need to take full advantage of Time Logger.  If desired, you can also download a .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) version of this manual suitable for printing.


Ordering Responsive Knowledgebase

  • RKB costs only $49.  To order RKB on our secure server, click here.
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