Time Logger is specially designed to work on a network and simultaneously record the activities of multiple users. It has security features to ensure users only have access to their own time records and that only authorized users can perform administrator functions. It is widely used by companies with 2 to over 100 users.

For multi-user license prices, please see our pricing page.

You can choose to have a single copy of Time Logger installed on the network, or individual installations on each workstation.  All the users will store their data in a single common time records database file.   At any time you can quickly look at time data for your projects, activities, individuals, or any other time record information.  For example, you can quickly display a report showing how much work has been done on the XYZ project in the last week. Time Logger has very robust and powerful reporting features that allow you to create a wide range of different reports.

Note that the trial version will allow you to try out Time Logger's network features.  Click here for information on installing to a network.

If you have any questions about using Time Logger in a multi-user environment, please Contact Us.

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