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Invoicing is easy with Responsive Time Logger.   Just let Time Logger know which time records should appear on the invoice, and it will do the rest.  You can even have Time Logger automatically go through all of your clients (or any subset of them), and produce time reports and invoices for each.

Quickbooks Time Tracking

You can use your favorite word processor to design your invoice and save it as an RTF file.  Just create a "template" in which actual values are replaced with template fields (for example, "%total_due" instead of the real total).  When you create an invoice, Time Logger will use that template, and fill in the actual values.  You can even use graphics for your logo.

We have a nice video showing how invoicing works in Time Logger.

The invoicing features are available in the demo version, so why not download it and try it out today. 

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"From some fellow developers, we give you two thumbs up on the product."

-- Brian Atkins, Consultant, The Stone Group, 
Maryville, TN 
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