If someone gives you a very very important phone number or other irreplaceable information, do you enter it onto your Palm?

No way!

You write it on a piece of paper because you know how easily information on a computer or PDA can be deleted by mistake. Or lost. If you were to put it in the Palm's memo pad, you know that with a stroke or two of the stylus that information could be gone forever. Just as bad, the information could be in there, but you might not be able to find it, because you don't remember which memo it is in.

As a result, you've got this great high-tech tool (your Palm), but you end up jotting the info down on a low-tech scrap of paper. And that's not so great either, because the paper might get lost.

Indelible Notepad solves this problem. With indelible notepad, once you enter information, it's there to stay. You want to delete it? Sorry, not allowed.

Indelible notepad isn't for recipes or idle musings. It's an industrial-strength remembering machine for that vital, essential bit of information you need to save. Think of it as a titanium lock box guarded by a 250 pound marine, who will let you look at the data in the box, but not change or delete it. You can add information, and view it, but that's all.

How Does Indelible Notepad Work?

When you have some vital information to save, just launch Indelible Notepad, write in the information, and click on the Enter button. That's all there is to it! If you forget to press Enter, Indelible Notepad will enter the information automatically after a set delay.

This screen shot shows what your Palm would look like after entering a part number (and just before tapping the "Enter" button).

Palm Interface screen shot

How Do I Delete Information That I've Entered?

You can't. If you've put in, for example, an incorrect phone number, you can "mark that record as deleted," which will place an asterisk next to that line on the display, but you can't actually get rid of the information. Indelible Notepad can be a pain in the neck in this way, but it's worth it, knowing that data you want to keep is safe.

What if I Delete the Database?

If you have a Palm (that is, Version 2 or later of the Palm OS) you can't even delete the database with the Delete Applications program.

Wait a Second, Do You Mean There's no Way to Get Rid of it Once it is on my Palm?

Well, no. We do allow you delete Indelible Notepad and its data, but only after you perform a soft reset. In other words, if you absolutely must get rid of the Indelible Notepad data, you must stick a paper clip into the reset hole on the back of your Palm. After that, you can delete it via the Memory application.

What if I Perform a Hard Reset, Will the Information be Lost?

Yes, a hard reset wipes all of the memory on your Palm, there's nothing we can do about that. However, everything you entered prior to the last HotSync will be saved, and can be restored.

How Much Does Indelible Notepad Cost?

Indelible Notepad costs only $14. Try it out, and if you like it, you can buy it online (see below).

How do I Get It?

Just click here to download the demo version of Indelible Notepad. This version will expire after it's been on your Palm a while. If you decide to register, you simply enter a special code that will convert it to the unrestricted version.

The file you'll download is called "indsetup.exe". It's only 129K bytes in size, and with a 28.8 modem, will download in less than a minute. When you run it on your PC, it will install Indelible Notepad's conduit (which insures that the text you entered is always backed up), and the other files you need to get started. Note that a comprehensive uninstall option is included in case you decide you no longer need Indelible Notepad.

How Do I Buy it?

We're making changes to our web site, and we don't currently have a link for purchasing Indelible Notepad.  Please contact us if you want us to hurry up and make it available!

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