Here's what one of our customers wrote us:

"I will let you know that your program is responsible for me and my partner making almost $500 a week more by allowing me to keep up with all the little hours here and there that get lost.  We have been writing these quarter hours down in a paper file and trying to enter them into the file when we have the chance (and tomorrow never comes). We are currently working as claims adjusters with 300 files that are all worked on almost daily. Your program has been a God Send. Thanks a lot."

-- Gary Freeman, Legal Consultant, Allen, TX

  • Bill for More of Your Time. Because Time Logger makes time tracking so easy, you'll end up billing for time that had previously fallen below the radar.
  • Keep Better Track of Your Work. You'll have a permanent record of exactly what you did and when you did it. Use these records to bid effectively on future projects.
  • Cut Down on Overhead. Stop spending hours compiling and calculating invoices. Time Logger features robust filtering and customizable invoices to speed up your billing process.
  • Get Paid Faster. Professional reports present complete details and eliminate questions that could hold up payments.
  • Analyze Your Time. If you work on a fixed-fee basis, you can determine the amount you need to charge to earn a profit based upon the hours you tracked on previous projects.
  • Gain Your Clients' Trust. Provide your clients with invoices and reports that show how carefully you monitor the time they're paying for.
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