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    Working with Multiple Users

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This topic is for administrators, and provides tips for using Time Logger at a multi-user site.  For information on installing and setting up Time Logger in this environment, see Overview Summary.

Setting up Passwords

You'll probably want to use Time Logger's password features to prevent users from modifying descriptors or from changing global settings.  See Using Passwords for more on this.

Restricting All Users to a Single File

Your life will be simpler if users can't, by mistake, save time records to different files.  When you choose Tools/Global Options/Restricting All Users to a Single File, Time Logger will not let any user work with a file other than the one you select.

Hiding Rate Information

If you don't want individual users to be able to see or calculate their hourly rate, choose Tools/Global Options/General, and check the Hide Hourly Rates item.  Note that if the user already has an hourly rate column in his or her main window, choosing this option will not remove that column.  It will only prevent a user from adding that column to the display.

Suggesting Simplified Menus

Finally, you may want to suggest to your users that they select Tools/Menus/Simplified, as this will remove options that they are unlikely to need.



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