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    Working With Macros

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We wanted to make sure that Time Logger could accomplish specific tasks that we hadn't even thought of, so we added a macro capability.  With Time Logger macros, you can program Time Logger to do almost anything.

Before using Time Logger's macros, you'll want to become familiar the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).  Time Logger includes an entire help file devoted to this language.  To view it, choose Advanced/Macro Editor and select Help/Language from that window's menu.

To edit or run a macro, choose Advanced/Macro Editor.


VISTA WARNING: This feature will not work with Windows Vista if User Account Control is enabled and Time Logger is installed to either the C:\Program Files or C:\Windows folders.  To learn more about this issue and to resolve it see: Move Time Logger on a Vista Computer


Sample Macro

Time Logger Macro Functions

Move Time Logger on a Vista Computer