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Windows Vista: Cannot open invoices or reports

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Cannot Open Invoices


Verify that your Invoices Folder is one where you have full access rights.  Select Tools/Global Options Window/Folders Tab and change the folder if necessary.


We suggest you use either:








NOTE: Any files in folders under: C:\Program Files, C:\Windows and the root folder (C:\) are only available to programs as Read Only.


Cannot Open Reports


There is a known defect when running Time Logger version 4x in Windows Vista that prevents Summary and Aging reports from opening in a word processor.  It  occurs when both of these conditions are present:


1.Time Logger is installed to a folder under: C:\Program Files or C:\Windows
2.Use the above word processor to view Summary information (instead of a window) is checked on the User Options Window/Other Tab.


Solution 1 (easiest): Uncheck the option Use the above word processor to view Summary information (instead of a window) on the User Options Window/Other Tab.  Then, your Summary and/or Aging reports will open in a window inside of Time Logger instead and you can always select all of the text and copy it to your word processor.


Solution 2: Move Time Logger to a different folder such as: C:\Users\Public\Timelog, or C:\Users\????\Timelog where ???? is your username.


1.  Using Windows Explorer navigate to "C:\Program Files", select the folder "Timelog" in "C:\Program Files" and either right-click and Copy, or, click once and Edit->Copy on the menu.


2.  Then navigate to C:\Users\Public or C:\Users\???? and right-click on the right side and select Paste, or, Edit->Paste on the menu.


3.  Download and run setuptimelogger.exe from here and set the Destination Folder/Directory to either C:\Users\Public\Timelog or C:\Users\????\Timelog.  Be sure to check the option to install the Palm Interface, too if you use that.


4.  Test your new installation location and Reports should work when being opened in your word processor.


NOTE: If you are using the Palm Interface, refer to After HotSync databases are not identical if you get errors on your next HotSync.