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    3 Ways to Learn about Time Logger

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We've added many powerful features to Responsive Time Logger over the years.  At all times, our goal has been to maintain an intuitive and easy to use interface.  There are an extensive number of features and options that do take time to learn.  To ensure that you can learn everything you need to know quickly and easily, we offer multiple options to help you get to know Responsive Time Logger.


1.  Learn by Doing


1.Take the Time Logger Tutorial. Click Help and pick the topic: Time Logger Tutorial.  Experienced software users can skim it and finish in 5 to 10 minutes.  You can read it in detail and perform the steps in about 20 to 30 minutes.


2.Just Play! Time Logger is very intuitive to use and you can just play with it for FREE for up to 60 days with the trial version.  Most experienced software users will be able to use it right away.  Just open the sample.mdb file of sample time records.  If you get stuck and need help, try one of these:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs),

The Help Index - (click the Index tab in upper-right)

The Help Search - (click the Search tab in upper-right)

Getting Started, Ways to Learn.  That section explains different ways to get help in Time Logger.


2.  Learn by Reading


1.Quick-Start Guided Tour: The Quick-Start Guided Tour is a great way to quickly see all of the features that Time Logger has and see actual screen images of the product.  When Time Logger starts, it opens the Quick-Start Guided Tour by default.  If you've disabled the Quick-Start Guided Tour from starting, select Help->Quick-Start Guided Tour to open it.


2.How Does Time Logger Work? Click Help and then Getting Started and then read the section How Does Time Logger Work?  Then try the Time Logger Tutorial or just play.


3.Using Responsive Time Logger. Click Help and read the section Using Responsive Time Logger.  It contains the features you'll probably use in the order you'd probably use them.


3.  Learn by watching


Watch Videos. Watch narrated videos of Time Logger in action on our website.  We have 14 videos that are 1 to 5 minutes long and cover the major features of Time Logger.  Access them at:



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recently Updated! We have an extensive set of Frequently Asked Questions that are grouped into categories to make the questions and answers easy to find.  We've recently scoured our technical support emails and put those questions into this section.

Reference - Help for Every Menu Option

Our Reference by Menu Option section in this Help, is set up just like the Responsive Time Logger's menus, allowing you to easily follow the links, just as you would follow the menu options, to any Responsive Time Logger feature to get the help you need.

The Index and Search - Easily Locate Help Topics

Use the Help's Search feature to search the Help on any topic or use Help's extensive Index to easily locate topics.

FREE Technical Support

FREE Technical Support via email or phone ensures that you can easily receive professional and courteous help.

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