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    View Settings (.ini)/Global Settings File

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Quick Summary: Allows you to view the timelog.ini global settings file

How to Get There: Advanced/View Settings (.ini)/Global Settings File


When you choose this option, Time Logger will open the global settings file with Notepad.  This allows you to view your settings, or copy and paste the contents of the file into an email to send to technical support.


Be sure to exit the file without saving changes.


WARNING: Time Logger stores all of the values for the settings in this file inside memory when it is running.  If you make changes to this file using this feature, Time Logger will overwrite those settings with the contents that it has in memory when it closes.  To actually change the settings in this file, you need to open it, make the changes and save it all while Time Logger is not running.


IMPORTANT: Changing the settings in this file can break Time Logger.  Always make a backup copy of the file before changing it.

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