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    Using Passwords

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Time Logger passwords are simple if you remember the following: There are three kinds of passwords.

1) The Global Options Password

If you know this password, you will be allowed to modify Time Logger's global options.  It lets you change such things as descriptors and options in the Global Options window.  This password is independent of which time record file is open.

If you want to require a global options password, choose Tools/Password Security/For Global Options/Turn Password Security On.

2) The Administrator Password

This password is set for a time record database.  If you know this password you will be able to see all of the records in the file, including records of other users.

To set an administrator password, open a database, and then choose Tools/Password Security/For Current Database/Turn Password Security On.

Note that anyone who knows and enters the administrator password will have administrator rights.  That is, the user name is unimportant here.  If you enter the administrator password, you'll have administrator access.

TIP: For simplicity, we recommend that you use the same password for the Global Options password and the Administrator password, but this is not required.

3) The User Password

This password is also specific to a time records database file.  It allows you to access that file, but see only your own time records.  In a multi-user setting, if users do not have passwords, then they see everyone's time records.  To assign or change each users' password choose Tools/Password Security/For Current Database/Assign User Passwords


How Does a User Change Their Own Password?

If the Administrator password has been set (enabling database password protection), each user can change their own password by selecting: Tools/Password Security/For Current Database/Change User Password.


How Securely Protected Are the Files?

The answer to this question is: not very.  If you have sensitive time record information that you can't let other users see, we recommend that you have a central database that only you have access to.  You can then have each user send in his or her time records via Export/For Merging.