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    Using Accounts Receivable

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Time Logger has an easy to use Accounts Receivable window.   It consists of a list records that represent each invoice and payment that you send or receive.  An invoice record  is automatically added to this list when you post an invoice, or you can add or edit an invoice manually.  When you receive a payment from a client, be sure to add a record of it to this window so that the correct previous balance (%prev_bal) is calculated on your invoice.

Choose Invoices/Accounts Receivable to view the Accounts Receivable window.

To generate an Aging Report which will show you how much a client owes you, choose a Client from the list of clients and then click the Aging... button.

For more on this and topics such as deleting invoices, see Accounts Receivable Window.



Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Window

Invoice Window

Payment Window

Aging Window