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    User Options Window/Stopwatch Tab

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Quick Summary: Lets you set stopwatch size and other characteristics

How to Get There: Tools/User Options/Stopwatch

Here are the options you can control in this tab:

Automatically Open The Stopwatch Window When You Choose Start Stopwatch

Check this option if you want the Stopwatch window to appear whenever you start a time record from the menu, the toolbar or the keyboard.

Display The Seconds In The End Time Control

If checked, you will see the seconds ticking off when the stopwatch window is open.

Give Warning If The Stopwatch Is Running When You Exit Time Logger

If you have checked this box, Time Logger will warn you if you exit either the application or Windows while the stopwatch is running.

A potential problem when using Time Logger is forgetting to stop the stopwatch when you are done with your work.  Checking this option can cut down on the frequency of this problem, since Time Logger will notify you if the stopwatch is running when you exit Windows.

Remember, you should always shut down Windows before turning off your computer!

However, if you commonly start the stopwatch, exit the application, then restart Time Logger later to stop the stopwatch, you may wish to leave this option unchecked.

Hide The Time Logger Main Window When a Stopwatch Is Visible

If this option is checked, then when you display the stopwatch, the main window will disappear.  It will reappear when you close the stopwatch.  This is a great way to cut down on the amount of screen space that Time Logger occupies when the stopwatch is visible.

Keep Stopwatch On Top of Other Windows

Check this, and the stopwatch window will stay on top of other applications' windows even when Time Logger is not the active application.

Use Small (Scrunched Up) Stopwatch

You may select the regular size Stopwatch window, or a small, "scrunched up" version that takes up very little screen real estate.  The small version uses a smaller font, and Time Logger scrunches the controls together.

Note that when the stopwatch is visible, you can always switch between the two sizes via the Smaller/Larger button.