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Quick Summary: Lets you set progress display options

How to Get There: Tools/User Options/Progress

For your convenience, Time Logger can display information such as current time or hours worked today in the title bar and in its icon when minimized.  The nature of this display is controlled from this window tab.

Display its Icon

Select this radio button if you want Time Logger to simply display its icon when minimized (that is, the picture of a stopwatch).

Display the Time

If you select this option, Time Logger will display the current time when minimized and in the title bar.  At 8:01 AM, with the stopwatch running, the icon will look something like this:


Display the Day's Hours

Choose this to have the icon show how many hours you've worked today.

Display the Goal Completion Time (a.k.a. "Miller Time")

One problem with consulting, especially if you work at home, is that you might always feel that you should be working.  That is, in the absence of a clearly defined 9 to 5 workday, it's not obvious when you are working and when you are "free."

Some consultants handle this by deciding on a certain number of hours that they will work each day.  Once they've reached that goal, it's "Miller TimeTM", and they are guilt-free.

If you tell Time Logger your Daily Goal, it will tell you the time at which you will reach that goal.   For example, if you start work at 8:00 AM, and your daily goal is 8.00 hours, the Goal Completion Time will be 16:00 or 4:00 PM.  If you pause a time record for 10 minutes, the Goal Completion Time will slip to 4:10 PM.  Half an hour break for lunch, and it slips to 4:40 PM.

Select the Display the Goal Completion Time radio button to have Time Logger's icon display the time at which you will reach your daily goal.

Daily Goal

Enter your daily goal here.  If your goal is to work 9 hours, for example, enter "9", "9.00", or "9 h 0 min".

Allow the Icon to Blink Yellow When the Stopwatch is Paused

When the stopwatch is paused, you might want to be reminded of that so that you don't forget to unpause it later.  To remind you that it's paused, Time Logger will blink the icon every half second or so.  This is a great feature, but it can also be extremely annoying!  If you don't want it to blink, uncheck this item.