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Quick Summary: Allows you to change miscellaneous options.

How to Get There: Tools/User Options/Other Tab


Word Processor Selection

Time Logger lets you use your own word processor to create, view, and print invoices and invoice templates.  For example, when you choose to view an invoice, Time Logger runs your word processor, loads the invoice template, and replaces the template fields with the appropriate values (for more on invoicing, see Printing Invoices).

Time Logger can use any word processor that can read and write RTF file (RTF stands for Rich Text Format).  This includes most word processors on the market.

In this window, you tell Time Logger which word processor you'd like to use.  Select the radio button that corresponds to your word processor; if yours isn't listed, choose "Wordpad or Other."

Next, enter the full path to your word processor's exe file.  You may use the browse button to locate that file.

NOTE: If you have trouble finding your word processor file, see: Finding your word processor.

Importing and Exporting -- Delimiters.

When Time Logger exports time record to a text file, or exports client or accounts receivable data, fields are separated by a delimiter, and each field is prefixed with a prefix character, and suffixed with a suffix character.  In this part of the window, you select those characters or strings.

For example, if you select a comma as the delimiter and a quote as the prefix and suffix, the start of one line in the exported client data file might look like this:

"AR Software","Net 30, Thanks!","Prof Fees","Betsy Bayer"…

This seemingly innocent setting is actually a very powerful feature.  You can, for example, choose HTML commands for these strings, and output formatted data!

To use a tab character as the delimiter, enter "\t" into the Field Delimiter edit box.

Show All Informational Messages

You've probably already seen some of Time Logger's informational messages.  These appear in a window that has a checkbox at the bottom that says, "Don't show me this message again."  If you check that box, that message will no longer come up.  But if you later change your mind, and want to see these messages again, click Show All Informational Messages.

Backup Folder

Enter the path of the folder you wish to use when backing up data with the Instant Backup command.

Automatically back up the database each time you exit Time Logger

If you select this option, then each time Time Logger exits, it will make a backup copy of the database you are currently using.  The backup will be created in your backup folder (see above) in such a way that you can restore from any of the last five automatic backups that were made.  Here's how it works.  If you are working with a database called "MyData.mdb" then the first time you exit Time Logger, the backup "MyDataAutoBackup01.bak" is created.  Next time, the file will be called "MyDataAutoBackup02.bak".  This continues until …AutoBackup05.bak", at which point the next filename will start again at …AutoBackup01.bak.  Advanced users can modify the number of different backups that are created by choosing Advanced/View/User Settings File and modifying the "NumAutoBackups" line.

Thus, if you ever damage your database by mistake, choose File/Restore from Backup, and select the AutoBackup file with the latest modification date.

Because the backup occurs when Time Logger exits, you probably won't even notice a delay.  However, if the backup fails (for example, if your backup folder points to a drive that is not available), you will not be warned that the backup did not take place.

Automatically Change End Date When Modifying Start Date

When this is checked, any changes to the start date in the stopwatch or edit record window will result in the same change to the end date.  This is convenient since most time records start and end in the same day.

Give Warning Before Deleting Records, Descriptors, Etc.

If you check this, Time Logger will ask you to confirm deletion of such things as time records and descriptors.

Play Sound Effects

Select this if you wish to hear sound effects that give you feedback when starting the stopwatch, pausing, etc.

Reload Last Time Record Database At Startup

If this is checked, then Time Logger will automatically reload the last database you worked with when it starts up.