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Quick Summary: For setting options that affect the appearance of the time record list

How to Get There: Tools/User Options/Appearance

Here's a description of the buttons and options available here:

Background Color

Click this button to select the background color for Time Logger's main window.

Alternate Color

Click this button to select a color for every other line in Time Logger's display.  We recommend choosing a custom pale alternate color, such as a light green.

Use Alternating Row Colors

When this option is checked, Time Logger will display alternate lines in different colors.

Lines Per Record

Use this edit box to set the number of lines each time record will occupy in the time record list.  If this value is less than the number of lines required to display the entire time record description, Time Logger will truncate it in the time record list.  That is, Time Logger will only display the text that fits.

Note that this will affect printed time reports as well only if "Expand height of individual records so that the entire description is always visible." on the Tools/User Options/Printing tab is not selected.

Other Options

The remaining options in this window affect the presence and appearance of divider lines between rows and columns in the time record list.  You may choose to have no dividers, regular dividers, or 3D dividers.