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Upload Files Securely

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Here's how you can securely send your file(s) to Responsive Software:


You may upload one file at a time.
You may upload multiple files.


1) If we've not already sent you the username and password to use our file upload facility, then please Contact Us and request the username and password to upload files.


2) Then, visit this website:


3) A window pops up and you can enter the username and password that we provided you.


4) On the page that opens, click on the link:


Upload a file


5) Next, another web page will open with directions on it.  Follow the directions to complete the upload.


TIP: To locate files to send us see: Diagnostics Window.  Typically, we'll want the Current Time Records Database File and any other specific database file that you may be having an issue with such as descript.mdb, invoices.mdb, clients.mdb and/or users.mdb.  See: Diagnostics Window for a description of each of these files.


NOTE: The system will automatically send an email to us at Responsive Software each time a file is uploaded.