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    Tutorial Step 8: Wrap-up

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This concludes the Time Logger tutorial.  In it, you learned how to start Time Logger, open a Time Records database file, add Time Records, print a report, and generate an invoice.


Getting Started With Your Own Data

The tutorial showed you how to work with data in the sample database.  To work with your own Time Records database file, choose File/New and enter a name for your database (for example, "MyCompany_Time_Records.mdb").  When you click OK, Time Logger will open a new, empty database.  At that point, you are ready to start adding real time records.  Please note that most of our users, whether large or small companies, keep all of their Time Records in a single Time Records database file.


Learning More and Getting Help

This Help system has many features to help you learn and find topics.  They include:

The Ways to Learn Help Section - shows many different ways to learn and get help.
The four buttons in the upper left

Contents - this is an expandable/collapsible tree of topics (menu option: Help/Contents)

Index - contains an alphabetized list of topics (menu option: Help/Index)

Search - search for key words (menu option: Help/Search)

Favorites - bookmark favorite topics you look at frequently

Using Responsive Time Logger Help Section - contains how to perform many common Time Logger tasks
Reference by Menu Options Help Section - contains topics that match every single menu option in Time Logger so you can learn how commands work.