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    Tutorial Step 6: Printing a Time Report

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Step 6 - Printing a Time Report

Previewing a Time Report to print is quick and easy.  Time Reporting is highly customizable and just about any report can be generated.  For quite complex and advanced reports, one can connect to the time records database file either using Microsoft Access or ODBC. (See: Time Logger's Databases for details on what data is available and its format.)


1) To Preview a Time Report use one of these three methods:

A) Select File/Print Preview

B) Click the Print Preview icon Toolbar-Print-Preview-Buttonon the toolbar

C) Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Shift-P

IMPORTANT: If you are using the FREE Trial (Demo) version of Responsive Time Logger, the ability to send a Time Report to a printer is disabled. Please use the File/Print Preview option instead.

Here's how part of how a time report might look in Print Preview:




2) To Print a Time Report use on of these methods:

A) On the Print Preview window click the Print button

B) Select File/Print/Report

C) Click the Print icon Toolbar-Print-Preview-Button on the toolbar

D) Use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-P



Select View/Summary and View/Subtotals to quickly see those details for the time records selected by the current Filter.
Send your Time Reports and/or Invoices to PDF and email them to your clients.  See: Invoicing and Reporting with PDF and Email.
Send Time Record data to a .csv file and open it in Excel.  See Export/To a Text File and Sharing Data With Copy Selected Records


You may continue to the next step of the Tutorial (Tutorial Step 7: Generating an Invoice) or to learn more about Time Reporting see Creating Reports.


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