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    Tutorial Step 5: Using the Stopwatch

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Step 5 - Using the Stopwatch

In the previous steps you added a Time Record that recorded information about what you did.  Now, you're going to let Time Logger track your time as you work using the Stopwatch feature.  Follow these steps to use the Stopwatch:

1)  Open the Stopwatch using one of these methods:

A) From the Stopwatch menu, choose Stopwatch/Show Stopwatch.

B) Click the Show Stopwatch icon Toolbar_Stopwatch on the toolbar

C) Type the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-T


The window that appears will look similar to this:


NOTE: If the Start button is disabled (grayed out) you may need to click the Reset button to reset the Stopwatch and continue with this Tutorial.


2) Now, click the Start button.

The stopwatch is now running.  While the stopwatch is running, you can perform your regular work tasks as Time Logger tracks the time for you.

Please perform some imaginary work for at least one minute.


3)  After at least one minute, click the Stop button.

       Assuming that there is no missing information, a new Time Record will be added to the Time Records database file and appear on your Time Records List.


At this point you have successfully used the stopwatch and are ready to view the next step in the tutorial: Tutorial Step 6: Printing a Time Report


More About the Stopwatch

The Stopwatch has three states...






While the stopwatch is running, you may change any of the Descriptors or other fields on the Stopwatch window.
The Time Record is not actually created until you click the Stop button, then it appears in the time records list on the main window
The minimum duration for a Time Record is one minute by default.
If you start the Stopwatch at 9:05 AM for a task that actually started at 9:00 AM, you may move the Start time back 5 minutes (or any amount of time).


Quick Task Switching

Using the Stopwatch is one of the best ways to record your time as you work.  There are many methods to make task switching simple and easy.  The "Stop/Start New" button automatically stops the Stopwatch and creates a new Time Record for the task that just ended and re-starts the Stopwatch for the next task.  Combine the "Stop/Start New" with the Memorized Descriptor feature to instantly populate the descriptors.  Then, switching a task is as simple as two mouse clicks and a keyboard selection:

1 - Click ("Stop/Start New"),

2 - Alt-R (bring up Memorized Descriptors),

3 - Click (Select the appropriate Memorized Descriptor set).


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