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    Tutorial Step 3: Opening a File

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IMPORTANT: Information and Instructions windows appear when certain functions are selected to help first time users successfully operate Time Logger. The tutorial does not show when these windows appear. After you have become familiar with the operation of Time Logger you can click the Don't show me this message again checkbox to prevent these windows from appearing.

Step 3 - Opening a File

The first time you use Time Logger you will see two other windows before you open a file.  They are:

Step 3a - Registration Code Window, and

Step 3b - Quick-Start Guided Tour,

which are described below.


Step 3a - Registration Code Window

If you are running the FREE Trial (Demo) version of Responsive Time Logger, you will see the screen that allows you to enter your Registration Code after logging in.  You may leave the Registration Code empty (blank) and click the OK button to use Time Logger in the FREE Trial mode.  After you purchase Time Logger at our website ( you will be automatically emailed your Registration Code.



Step 3b - Quick-Start Guided Tour

If this is the first time you have used Responsive Time Logger, then the Quick-Start Guided Tour will start at this point.  We recommend that you view the Quick-Start Guided Tour before taking this tutorial.  When you click the "End Tour" button, you can continue with this tutorial in the section below. Un-check the "Show Tour at Startup" check box to prevent the Quick-Start Guided Tour from appearing when you start Time Logger.



Step 3c - Open a Time Records Database File

The first time you use Time Logger, the main window will contain a message informing you to open a Time Records database file as illustrated below.

To open a Time Records database file, select the "File" menu, and choose "Open."



For this tutorial, we recommend that you use the sample.mdb Time Records database file.


Click on sample.mdb and then click the Open button.


NOTE: If there is no listing for a file called "sample.mdb," it could mean that you are looking in a folder other than the one that Time Logger was installed to.  In this case, you will need to look for the folder that contains the "sample.mdb" file.  Time Logger is installed by default to the folder "C:\Program Files\TimeLog".  Please type C:\Program Files\TimeLog (notice the space after the word "Program") into the "File name:" field, and click Open.  If the "sample.mdb" file is listed, click on it and then click Open.  If you can't find it, browse through the folders, or use the Windows Search (Find Files or Folders) utility to locate it.  If you still cannot find the file, please re-install Responsive Time Logger.


After you click Open, the title-bar of your main window will look something like this:



Once you have opened the Time Records database file "sample.mdb," you're ready for the next step of the tutorial: Tutorial Step 4: Adding a Time Record.

Click the "Next" link above to go to the next step in the tutorial.