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Troubleshooting (Problems and Solutions)

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Step-by-Step solutions to typical problems.


NOTE: Please look the the Frequently Asked Questions if you cannot find what you are looking for here.


Issues for running Time Logger on the PC


Cannot find time records

Column not listed to insert

Cannot open any databases

Finding your word processor - (Resolving errors when Time Logger tries to open a .rtf file for an invoice or report)

Searching for files (How to find files on your computer)

Windows Vista: Cannot open invoices or reports (You get an error in your word processor that says it cannot find the file or it is read-only)

Windows Vista: Cannot see C:\Users\?????\AppData folder

Windows Vista: Macros do not work (Move Time Logger on a Vista Computer)



Issues for running Time Logger on the Palm


After HotSync databases are not identical

Time Logger is no longer in the list of Conduits - Can't HotSync

Where Did Those HotSync Records Go? (After HotSyncing you cannot find your time records)

Windows Vista & Palm: Cannot see new terms on my handheld (You changed "Project" to "Job" but it's not on the Palm after HotSyncing.)

Windows Vista & Palm: In Demo mode but PC is Registered (You own a copy of Time Logger but your Palm still says it's in Demo mode after HotSyncing)