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    Transfer File Status Window

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Quick Summary: Asks you whether Time Logger should overwrite data in the file used to transfer data to Quicken or Quickbooks

How to Get There: This window appears when you are posting an invoice (Invoice/Post Invoice) and have chosen to export Quicken or Quickbooks data (Tools/Global Options/General).


This window displays invoice information that is currently in the file used to transfer data to your accounting program.  If you have already imported the listed information into Quicken, choose "Yes."  Time Logger will then delete that information, and replace it with information for the new invoice.

If you have not imported it, and plan to do so, answer "No."  Time Logger will then add the current invoice information to the data already in the .QIF file.

In other words, you may choose to import the invoice data into Quicken each time you post an invoice to Accounts Receivable, or you may wish to post a series of invoices then import them all into Quicken in one step.  For example, if the invoices.qif file already contains data when you post an invoice, Time Logger will ask whether you want the new invoice data to replace what is there, or be added to it.  If you have already imported the invoice data into Quicken, you will want Time Logger to replace it. Otherwise, you will want the new data appended to the file.