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    Tracking Your Time with the Stopwatch

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You use the Stopwatch window to time yourself as you work.  This page give an overview of the Stopwatch.

NOTE: Be sure to visit this page to learn the details of using this window: Stopwatch Window.

To display Time Logger's stopwatch, choose Stopwatch/Stopwatch Window, or press Ctrl-T.  The stopwatch will look something like this:


Using the stopwatch is simple: you press the Start button when you start working, fill out the details about what you're working on, and click Stop when you're done.  If you're interrupted, click Pause, and when the interruption ends, click End Pause.

Note that you can run other applications, exit Time Logger, or even shutdown your computer while the stopwatch is running.  This works because Time Logger saves the time at which the stopwatch was started.

When you click the Stop button, a new time record will be added to the database.  The stopwatch will stay open, but you'll see the newly added record highlighted behind the stopwatch window.

The Stop/Start New button is useful when you are ending one task and starting another immediately.  Pushing it is equivalent to clicking the Stop button and then the Start button.

If you've clicked the Start button by mistake, or change your mind about recording your time, just click the Reset button.



Stopwatch Window.

Small Stopwatch Window

Using Toolbar to Control Stopwatch