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    Time Logger's Main Window

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Welcome to Time Logger's main window!


The main window contains, from Current User (top right) counter clock-wise...


Current User - This is the name you use when you log in and it is also the Person on any time records you create.
Current Time Records Database File Name - Most users and companies will have one time records database file.  The same one that was opened when you exit automatically opens each time you start Time Logger.  See: Opening a File
Program Name - Responsive Time Logger
Stopwatch Status - This can be any one of Stopped, Running, Paused.  Using the Stopwatch is not required.
Time Logger's Main Menu - You can access all of Time Logger's commands from either the main menu, a keyboard shortcut, or a toolbar button.
Standard Toolbar - By default it appears, but you can both remove it and customize it.  See: Time Logger's Toolbars
Column Headers or Labels - Labels the data in that column. The time record list column headings (in this case, Start Date, Start Time, etc.) You can easily change the column layout.
Rows of Time Records - The multiple rows of the time record list – this is the list of time records in the database that match the current Filter.  You can double-click on a record to edit it. Right-click on one for a submenu of handy features.  You can select multiple time records (Shift + left-click and Ctrl + left-click) and copy them (Edit/Copy Selected Records) or delete them (press the Delete key).
Last Loaded Environment File Name - You can save all of your settings and recall them later.  Use this to re-run reports and modify your screen Appearance/Layout as well as store Filters, Sort Order/Subtotals settings, Printing Options and other settings.


NOTE: The main window of Time Logger functions similarly to  spreadsheet software, like Microsoft Excel.



Using Responsive Time Logger

       Adding Time Records

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       Edit Record Window

       Filtering the Time Records

       Sorting & Subtotaling the Time Records

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