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    Time Logger's Databases

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All of Time Logger's data is stored in standard Access (.mdb) format.  All of these files are self-documenting.  That is, the information concerning the database organization (tables, fields, etc.) is present in the files themselves.

NOTE: You can use ODBC to connect to the tables inside the .mdb files.

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to open the .mdb files in any version of Microsoft Access newer than version '97. When using a newer version of Microsoft Access, use the Link Tables feature (File->Get External Date->Link Tables...) to link to the tables you desire inside the .mdb file.  If you convert the .mdb file to a newer version, Time Logger will not be able to read the data.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to modify the basic structure of the files, or Time Logger will not be able to read them.


Diagnostics Window

Time Record Database

Descriptor Database

Clients Database

Invoices Database

UserList Database

For example, to see the format of a time record database file, use Microsoft Access version 97 or newer to Link (File->Get External Date->Link Tables...) to your time record database file and select the TimeRecords table.  When you select the TimeRecords table and choose Design, you'll see a window that looks something like this:


You'll notice that we've included comments for any field that is not self-explanatory.  You can see, for instance, that the Billable field is a Yes/No field.

What follows is a brief description of each of Time Logger's database files.