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    Time Logger Macro Functions

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Here is a brief description of each of Time Logger's macro functions:

long GetMajorVersion();

Returns the Time Logger major version number

long GetMinorVersion();

Returns the Time Logger minor version number

long GetFixVersion();

Returns the Time Logger fix version number


Returns the current SQL command.  For more on SQL, and links to SQL resources, please visit the SQL page on our web site,

long SetSQL(BSTR SQLCommand);

Sets the SQL command.  For more on SQL, and links to SQL resources, please visit the SQL page on our web site,

long OpenFile(BSTR FileName);

Opens a Time Logger database

long MoveFirst();

Moves to the first record in the database

long MoveNext();

Moves to the next record in the database

VARIANT GetFieldValue(long FieldNumber, long* ResultCode);

Returns the value of a given field.  If successful, the ResultCode will be zero.

long Show();

Add this function to your macro if you want Time Logger's main window to be displayed.  Otherwise, when running a Time Logger macro from another application, Time Logger's window will not be visible.

long GetNumRecords();

Returns the number of records in the currently opened database

long SetFieldValue(long FieldNumber, VARIANT Value);

Sets the value of a specific field

long DeleteRecord();

Deletes the current record

long ImportData(BSTR FileName);

Imports data from the given text file.  The fields expected will be those last set when choose File/Import/From a Text File.

long ExportData(BSTR FileName);

Exports the data as it would be exported if you had chosen File/Export/To a Text File.

long SaveAs(BSTR FileName);

Saves a copy of the current database with a new name.

long SetReportTitle(BSTR NewTitle);

Sets the text of the report title (as if you had changed it in the Tools/User Options/Printing window.

long PrintReport();

Prints a time report

long PrintInvoice(BSTR ClientName);

Prints an invoice for the given client.

long RefreshDisplay();

Refreshes the time record list.