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Time Logger Conduit Is Missing - Can't HotSync

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If when you right-click on your HotSync icon you do not see the Time Logger conduit listed (see the opening steps for Setting HotSync Actions),follow the steps to re-install the Palm Interface for Time Logger.


NOTE: If the Palm Interface for Time Logger is currently on your handheld, but you do not see the Time Logger Conduit listed, then after you follow the steps to re-install the Palm Interface for Time Logger, you will have to make your Time Records Database File and Descriptor File the same between your PC and handheld before you can successfully continue HotSyncing your Time Logger data. To accomplish this, you will need to either select Desktop Overwrites Handheld or Handheld Overwrites Desktop for both the Time Records and the Descriptors on the Action tab of the Time Logger HotSync/Conduit settings.  See: the Important note below and Setting HotSync Actions for more information.


Important: If you have new Time Records on your Palm that have not been synced to your PC that you cannot lose, and you cannot perform a Handheld Overwrites Desktop to bring your two Time Records Databases back into sync, you should back up your Palm time records before you attempt to HotSync with your current Time Records Database File on your PC.  See: Backing Up your Palm Time Records Manually