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    3 Things You Really Should Know

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IMPORTANT: Here are three important things to keep in mind when using Responsive Time Logger.

The first item is the most important for the long term health of Time Logger and your entire computer system. We typically receive about 2 to 5 emails per week from users recovering from a hard drive failure [having nothing to do with using Time Logger!]  We can't offer you much help if you don't have your Time Logger folder backed up and know where your Time Records database file backup is located.


1.Make Backups!!!: Please see: Backing up Your Data and visit our Helpful Tips page on our website. While Responsive Time Logger performs backups of the Time Records by default, it does not back up the entire set of folders that contains the entire Time Logger system.  We recommend that you utilize automatic backup software and/or hardware to backup your entire Time Logger system to a physically separate storage device. Note that the need to do this applies to all of the software and files you have on your computer. We typically receive about 2 to 5 emails a week from users who have lost all of their data from hard drive failure.  Hard drives do die, eventually.  Do you know when yours will?  How many hours would it take you to recover from a hard drive failure?  What would you loose?  Visit our Helpful Tips page on our website to learn about the backup software and hardware we use and recommend.  See Backing up Your Data to learn what to back up.


2.Use a Meaningful File Name For Your Time Records Database: We recommend that when you first begin to keep official Time Records that you start with a new and empty Time Records database file named something like "MyCompany_Time_Records.mdb" that is stored either in the Main Directory where Time Logger is installed (for single users) or on your network server (for multi-users). IMPORTANT: See: Backing up Your Data.


3.Use One Time Records Database: We suggest that you keep all your time records in a single time records database file and use Filters when you want to view and work with only some of them.


TIP: Set the option "Restrict All Users to one Time Records database file shown below" option on the Global Options Window/Safety Tab, even if you are the only user.  It will prevent you from accidentally using the wrong file and you can always unset it later if you need to work with a different time records database.