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    The Main Screen

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Time Logger/Palm's main screen looks like this:


The very top of the screen shows the name of the application ("Time Logger") and the total fee for the records that are currently displayed.

The next line on the screen is the heading for the list of time records.  In this case, the heading shows the column headings for Start, Activity and Fee.  You may decide what to show in the time record list by tapping the downward arrow next to each column heading.  For example, if you wanted to display the Project instead of the Activity, you'd click on the arrow to the left of "Activity" and select from a list, like this:


The largest area of the main screen is occupied by the time record list.  In the example above, there are only two time records in the list.

The bottom of the main screen holds four buttons.  Tap the Edit button to edit one of the time records in the list.  Tap New to add a new time record.  To delete a highlighted record, tap Delete, and to display the stopwatch, tap Stopwatch.  The functions of these buttons are described in detail in the next several topics of the manual.


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