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    The File Open Window

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Quick Summary: Allows you to select a file

How to Get There: File/Open, Tools/Load Environment, etc.

In a number of places in Time Logger you will need to choose a file name for opening, or loading information:

Importing Records

Loading an Environment

Opening a New or Existing time record database

Restoring Backed-up Data

Selecting a Word Processor

Selecting an Invoice Template

File Name

Type or select the filename you want to use.  This box lists files with the extension you select in the List Files of Type box.  If the name you enter here contains a wild card character ("*" or "?"), Time Logger will list all the files that match that file specification.

Choose OK after you have entered or selected the file name.

List Files of Type

Select the type of file you are interested in.


Select the drive with which you wish to work.


Select the directory in which the file will be found or will be placed.


Choose this button to connect to a network location, assigning it a new drive letter.