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    The Error/Information Message Window

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Quick Summary: Tells you about an error or gives you other information

How to Get There: Occurs at many points in the program when something has gone wrong.

This window is telling you something important.  It may be describing an error that occurred, or simply telling you that an operation is complete.

Read the information in the text box carefully.  If you don't understand what it is telling you, search, in this help file, for some of the terms it uses, or read up on the section of the program you are working with.  If you still don't understand the problem, and that problem reoccurs, select the text in the window, and paste it into an email message to technical support.  We'll try to help you figure out what's going on!

Please see our Contact Us web page for our latest contact information. Or, using Time Logger, select Help/Contact Responsive Software.