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Quick Summary: Allows you to time your work with the stopwatch and record information about what you are doing

How to Get There: Stopwatch/Stopwatch Window

IMPORTANT: The Stopwatch window is a "modeless" window.  That is, you can still access menus and other features of Time Logger while the window is visible.  Many users find it convenient to leave the window up at all times.  If the window is visible when you exit, Time Logger will automatically open it when you restart the program.


For an overview of working with the stopwatch, see Tracking Your Time with the Stopwatch.

Most of the controls on this window are the same as those on the Time Record Editor window.  For more on these common controls, see Time Record Editor Window.

Here is a description of the unique controls in this window.  Note that if you are using the "small" stopwatch to save space (Select Tools/User Options/Stopwatch/Use small stopwatch), the labels on some of the buttons will be abbreviated.  For example, "Stop/Start New" is abbreviated to "S/S."

In addition, several of the controls are disabled when inappropriate.  For example, the Start button is disabled when the stopwatch is running.

Start (Date and Time Edit Boxes)

Shows the date and time at which you started the stopwatch.  When the stopwatch is running, you may edit these two edit boxes.  If it is "inactive," they will be grayed out.


This control shows the current time.  You may not edit this field.


Displays the duration of the stopwatch.  A display of "????" indicates that Time Logger cannot calculate a proper duration based on the contents of the Start, Now, and Pause Duration edit boxes.  Such a result will occur if the Start Time is later than the End Time, for example.

Pause Duration

Shows the duration of the pause or suspension period.  When the stopwatch is paused, Time Logger will increment this field automatically as time elapses, therefore you may not edit it.  When the stopwatch is not paused, you may edit this field.


Choose this button to hide the stopwatch -- that is, make it disappear.  Choosing this will not change any of the combo boxes or edit controls.  You can choose Stopwatch/Stopwatch Window to display it again at any time.

Start (Button)

Choosing this button starts the stopwatch.


Choose this button to stop the stopwatch and add the resulting time record to the time record database.  Note that unless you have entered a fixed expense amount, the start and stop times for the stopwatch must be different.

TIP: Hold down the Ctrl key and click the Stop button and the time record will be stopped and saved, then it will immediately open in the Time Record Editor Window for you to edit it.

Stop/Start New

This button is a shortcut for stopping the stopwatch (and adding the time record to the database) and then immediately starting it again.  You will often use this button when moving from one task to another.


Resets or cancels the stopwatch without adding anything to the database.  This is useful, for example, if you chose Start by mistake.


Choosing this button will pause the stopwatch.

End Pause

Choosing this button will end the pause of the stopwatch.


When a button labeled "Smaller" is present (see: Small Stopwatch Window) on the stopwatch, clicking it will switch you to a smaller version of the stopwatch.  If the "Larger" button is present, click it to switch to the larger stopwatch.



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