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Quick Summary: Displays an additional stopwatch

How to Get There: Advanced/Stopwatch 2/3/4

With Time Logger, you can have up to four stopwatches running simultaneously.  This can help you when you are doing two things at once, and want to time both of them.  For example, you might be babysitting the downloading of a file while writing up a proposal.  Note that we do not recommend charging two different clients for the same block of time.

Before you start using one of these extra stopwatches, note that some users mistakenly think they need an additional stopwatch, when one will do.  These users want to have one stopwatch for, say, a given client, and then a different stopwatch for projects for that client, etc.

For example, they want to start a stopwatch when they start working for client XYZ, and at the same time start a stopwatch for the Multimedia Project.  Then, when they are done with the Multimedia project, they stop that stopwatch and start the Spreadsheet Project stopwatch, meanwhile leaving the Client XYZ stopwatch running.  When they are all done, they stop the Client XYZ stopwatch and the Spreadsheet Project stopwatch.

The problem with this approach is that you end up with a lot of stopwatches running.  If you want to keep track of Person, Client, Project, Subproject, and Activity, for example, you'd need to keep track of five timers!

It's best to handle this situation with a single stopwatch.  For the above example, you would simply start the stopwatch with Client set to "XYZ Corp" and Project set to "Multimedia Project."  When you switch to the spreadsheet work, you'd select the Stop/Start New button and change the Project to "Spreadsheet Project."  When you are all done, you select Stop.

But if your situation truly needs multiple stopwatches, use one of these additional stopwatches (2-4).  Note that each stopwatch is totally independent of the others.  Note also that the duration that is shown on Time Logger's main window takes only stopwatch 1 (the main stopwatch) into consideration.