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Quick Summary: Starts the stopwatch and fills in the descriptor information based on a set of memorized descriptors.

How to Get There: Stopwatch/Start Memorized Record

For those of you who regularly bounce back and forth between a number of different projects, this is probably Time Logger's most valuable feature.  It's a lot like the Start Selected Record feature, but much better.  Here's how it works:

Let's say that most of the time you're working on a set of different tasks.  For example, one of the tasks might be Client=AR Software, Project=Interface Design, Subproject=Toolbars, Activity=Testing.

First, you memorize the descriptor combinations for all of your different tasks.  One way to do that is to enter the combinations into the Time Record Editor window and press Alt-R to memorize each one (for more on this, see Memorize Descriptors.)

Now, whenever you press F3 (or select Stopwatch/Start Memorized Record), Time Logger will

1. Stop the Stopwatch (if it is running) and complete the current time record

2. Start the Stopwatch

3. Open the Memorized Descriptors window (just like you pressed Alt-R) for you to select the desired memorized descriptor set.

Thus with only a key press and a mouse click, you can switch to any of the tasks you commonly work on.  This option is perfect for tracking phone calls and other interruptions.

Of course you can decide how many different combinations of descriptors to memorize, from one to hundreds.

Be sure to experiment with this feature so that you understand how powerful it is.


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