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    Sort Order/Subtotals Window

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Quick Summary: Allows you to sort the time record list and specify subtotal fields

How to Get There: Tools/Sort Order/Subtotals

This window allows you to choose the order in which time records will appear in the time record list.

It also allows you to set the fields for subtotaling on reports.

To view the Subtotals, select View/Subtotals or, view them on a Time Report by selecting File/Print Preview

NOTE: Subtotals are displayed in the Subtotals section of a Time Report, which can be made visible or not. (See: User Options Window/Printing Tab to set the checkbox option "Report: Display subtotals in report").


First Field - Fourth Field

Select the fields on which you wish to sort the time record list.  For example, if you set the first field to Client and the second field to Project, the list will be sorted by client.  Within each client, records will be sorted by project.

Display Subtotals

Check this box to display subtotals for the field to the left of the check box.  For example, you might sort the records on Client and Project and check the Display Subtotals check box next to the Project combo box.  In this case, you will be able to obtain subtotals for each client, and for each project within that client.  To view subtotals, choose Records/Subtotals.


Choose one of these radio buttons to sort the records in ascending or descending order.

Use Defaults

To return to the default sort order (First Field: Start), choose this button.



For lot of details and examples, see: Sorting & Subtotaling the Time Records.