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    Sorting & Subtotaling the Time Records

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Sort on One Field:

To quickly sort the time records in the main window on one column (field), right-click on the column label at the top and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending.


NOTE: Using the above feature will change the values in the Sort Order/Subtotals window (shown below).

Sort on One or More Fields with Subtotaling:

To sort the time record list on up to four different fields, in ascending or descending order, you use the Sort Order/Subtotals window (shown below).  Using it you may:

Change the order you view time records on the main window and in reports.
Display totals and subtotals for different groups of time records in the Summary section of reports and View/Subtotals


Using the Sort Order / Subtotals Window

Choose Tools/Sort Order/Subtotals to display the Sort Order window and tell Time Logger how you want it to sort the time records.


IMPORTANT: Note that if you want the records sorted by date and time, use Start rather than Start Date. Start includes both the Start Date and Start Time, while Start Date includes just the date.

NOTE: You can also quickly sort by one column when on the main window of Time Logger – just right-click on that column header and choose "Sort Ascending."


Subtotals - How to Use Them


You can set Subtotals for up to three fields by checking the Display Subtotals checkbox.


Subtotals are displayed when you select View/Subtotals


Subtotals are displayed in the Subtotals section of a Time Report (see: User Options Window/Printing Tab to set the checkbox option "Report: Display subtotals in report").


TIP: When you work with Subtotals, change the order of the fields (between First Field, Second Field and Third Field) and select View/Subtotals each time to get a feel for how Subtotals work.


For the screen print of the Sort Order / Subtotals Window above, see an example of the View/Subtotals output here.


Examples of Sort Order / Subtotals

Example 1:

Set the "First Field" to Start and leave all other fields as "(None)" and nothing checked.

Result: The time records on the main window and if displayed on reports are in chronological order, oldest at the top and newest at the bottom. This is the Default setting.

Example 2:

Set the "First Field" to Start and check the Descending checkbox, with all other fields as "(None)" and nothing else checked..

Result: The newest time records will appear at the top and the oldest at the bottom on the main window and if displayed on reports.

Example 3: (shown above)

Set the "First Field" to Person.
Set the "Second Field" to Start Date and check the "Display Subtotals" checkbox.


The main window displays the time records ordered by person in alphabetical order and for each person. Their time records within each person are displayed in ascending order by start date.

The Subtotals section of Reports and the View/Subtotals window displays the totals and subtotals of various time record amounts. See an example of the output here.


Saving Your Sort Order / Subtotals

You can save your Sort Order / Subtotals in an Environment file.  You can give the Environment file a logical file name like: "Sort - Person Start Date.ev4" (you cannot use special characters in a file name).

Whenever you want to use your saved Sort Order / Subtotals, just select Tools/Load Environment: Sort - Person Start Date (Time Logger shows you an alphabetized list of the first 30 Environments on the Tools menu).

TIP: If you're only saving your Sort Order / Subtotals, be sure that only the Sorting/Subtotals checkbox is checked when you save your Environment file.

TIP: When you define a sort order that is different from the default, consider placing the column(s) that corresponds to the first, second, third, and/or forth sort fields to the left of all the other columns on the main window and then save an Environment with the Sorting/Subtotals and Appearance/Layout selected.

See Saving your Settings In Environments for more on this.



Sort Order/Subtotals

Sort Order/Subtotals Window

Saving your Settings In Environments

Changing Column Layout

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