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    Site License Discrepancy Window

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Quick Summary: Allows you to register additional users or eliminate invalid or duplicate users

How to Get There: Appears when the number of people using Time Logger exceeds the number of users for which it was licensed


When you purchased Responsive Time Logger, you purchased a license to use the product for a maximum number of users, in most cases, one.  When Time Logger detects that it is being used by more users than this, it displays this window.

The window lists the names of the users who have run Time Logger.

At this point you have three choices:


If one or more of these names is a duplicate, or is invalid, select the user name or names that are duplicates, or belong to someone who is no longer with the company, and choose the Duplicates button.  For example, if you have used the application as Bob Smith, and also as Robert Smith, Time Logger will think that two users are present, in violation of the license agreement.  You will want to eliminate one of these "users."


If you are simply investigating the multi-user capabilities of Time Logger, choose Trial.  This will allow you a 30-day trial period without registering.  The Site License Discrepancy window will appear periodically during this trial period.  Simply choose the Trial button each time.


If you have purchased a multi-user site license, simply enter your company name and license number in the controls at the bottom of the window, and select Register.

If you would like to purchase a site license for multiple users, please visit our website.