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    Sharing Data Directly Through .mdb Files

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Time Logger stores all time records, as well as client information, descriptors, and accounts receivable data in a standard Access (MDB) file format.  Thus you may open any of these databases with many different applications that can read files of this format or utilize ODBC.


Besides the time record databases that you create and name yourself, Time Logger maintains other database files in the Support folder below the folder in which you installed Time Logger.  Thus, if you installed Time Logger to C:\Program Files\Timelog, the files will be found in the C:\Program Files\Timelog\Support directory.  To verify where your Support folder is located, see: Diagnostics Window.


Here are the names of the support files.


File Name

Client Information (Address, etc.)




Accounts Receivable



Moving or Sending Client and Descriptor Database Files to Others

See: Sharing Data with Other User/Programs for directions on how to move these files and/or send them to others.


Structure Details and How To Access These Files

For a detailed description of the structure of these files and more information that will help you access them, see Time Logger's Databases.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to modify the basic structure of the files, or Time Logger will not be able to read them.



Sharing Data with Other User/Programs