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    Setting HotSync Actions

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During HotSyncing, a part of Time Logger called the "Time Logger Conduit" will synchronize the time records and descriptors between your handheld and PC.  For more on this, see HotSyncing Your Data.

If you'd like to change the synchronization options or explicitly specify the files to which the time records and descriptors will be transferred here's how to do it:


NOTE: On newer versions of Windows and newer versions of Palm's HotSync Manager, the screens and terms may be a bit different, but the steps are about the same and you should be able to accomplish them.


1.  First, verify the HotSync Manager icon is on your system tray.  This is what it looks like:


(If the icon is not present then HotSync Manager is not running.  Try selecting Start/Programs/Palm/HotSync Manager, though this may be different for your installation.)


2. Next, click on the HotSync Manager icon, and choose Custom... from the menu that pops up:



3.  In the Custom window that appears as shown below, select your username and select Time Logger and click Change, or double-click Time Logger.

IMPORTANT 1: If your username is not in the list, then you need to use your Palm Desktop to set yourself up as a user and get your Palm handheld device to HotSync with your PC and then follow the directions here to install Time Logger to your Palm handheld.

IMPORTANT 2: If Time Logger is not listed, then it is not installed correctly to your Palm handheld. Please follow these directions to install it.




4.  The next window that will appear is called: Responsive Time Logger Conduit -- Configuration.  By selecting the different tabs you can view and change your HotSync/Conduit synchronization options.  Directions for each of these windows can be found by clicking below.


Configuration Window -- Action Tab

Configuration Window -- Descriptor Files Tab

Configuration Window -- Time Record Files Tab

Configuration Window -- About Tab